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Reputable landscaping company, Brin d'Herbe offers excavation services throughout the South Shore of Montreal.

Excavation is the basis for landscaping

Whether it’s for a paving, drainage or expansion project, we are the specialists you need. Our team has the tools and machinery to carry out your excavation works with maximum efficiency. We start by working and modelling the soil to prepare it for a new decor. Since 1999, we have completed a large number of projects in the residential and commercial sectors. We will respond within minimal time.

We model your ground according to your tastes and preferences

Excavation Brossard
Excavation La Prairie

Our landscapers can work on all types of land

Excavation is the fundamental step in all landscaping work. Our landscape
designers will work out the layout based on your needs and preferences. We adopt a bespoke approach to deliver results suited to your requirements. Before starting the actual work, we take into account important details such as the architecture of your home or building as well as the floor area. Do not hesitate to call us for all your excavation needs. We guarantee complete satisfaction through quality service.

We pay attention to every tiny detail

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1405, rue Industrielle Suite 104

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